The Advent Calendar Challenge 
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The Advent Calendar Challenge Honours Board

2003  Winner  Alessandro Turati 34 ptsWR
 Runner-up  Lord Byron VII 29 pts
 Third place  Matthew Scrivin 18 pts
 Best Rookie  Alessandro Turati 34 ptsRB
 Team Champions  Not Held 
2004  Winner  Andy Marson 69 ptsWR
 Runner-up  Simon Rutter 60 pts
 Third place  Chris Pratt 48 pts
 Best Rookie  Andy Marson 69 ptsRB
 Team Champions  Not Held 
2005  Winner  Ally Hickman 60 pts
 Runner-up  Simon Rutter 58 pts
 Third place  Mark Coughlan 50 pts
 Best Rookie  Ally Hickman 60 pts
 Team Champions  Team DUMSS  224 ptsTR
2006  Winner  Mark Coughlan 75 ptsWR
 Runner-up  Simon Rutter 54 pts
 Third place  Nina Dale 45 pts
 Best Rookie  Nina Dale 45 pts
 Team Champions  Kent  89 pts
2007  Winner  Simon Rutter 66 pts
 Runner-up  Mark Coughlan 56 pts
 Third place  Gemma Morgan 53 pts
 Best Rookie  Gemma Morgan 53 pts
 Team Champions  Kent  138 pts Second victory
2008  Winner  Antony Brown 109 ptsWR
 Runner-up  Steve O'Donnell 88 pts
 Third place  Mark Coughlan 82 pts
 Best Rookie  Antony Brown 109 ptsRB
 Team Champions  London  145 pts
2009  Winner  Andrew Dale 54 pts
 Runner-up  Ross Turnbull 51 pts
 Third place  Mark Coughlan 47 pts
 Best Rookie  Katie Morgan 24 pts
 Team Champions  Class of 2008  192 pts
2010  Winner  Ben Procter 115 ptsWR
 Runner-up  Lorna Blake 84 pts
 Third place  Ross Turnbull 65 pts
 Best Rookie  Lorna Blake 84 pts
 Team Champions  Class of 2004  252 ptsTR
2011  Winner  Matt Nunn 66 pts
 Runner-up  Steph Coughlan 56 pts
 Third place  Andrew Dale 52 pts
 Best Rookie  Matt Nunn 66 pts
 Team Champions  Libra  154 pts
2012  Winner  Grace Marson 83 pts
 Winner  Sarah O'Donnell 83 pts
 Winner  Antony Brown 83 pts Second victory
 Best Rookie  Geoff Marshall 45 pts
 Team Champions  Taurus  198 pts
2013  Winner  Andrew Chilcraft 75 pts
 Runner-up  Geoff Marshall 70 pts
 Third place  Lorna Blake 68 pts
 Best Rookie  Sean White 60 pts
 Team Champions  Leo  229 pts
2014  Winner  Lorna Blake 104 pts
 Runner-up  Damian Cook 85 pts
 Third place  Anthony Smith 78 pts
 Best Rookie  Samantha Scrivin 50 pts
 Team Champions  Libra  256 ptsTR Second victory
2015  Winner  Antony Brown 121 ptsWR Third victory
 Runner-up  Neil Blake 93 pts
 Third place  Peter Smyth 79 pts
 Best Rookie  Sebastian Maudling 73 pts
 Team Champions  Leo  322 ptsTR Second victory
2016  Winner  Matthew Frost 120 pts
 Runner-up  Michelle Mckay 108 pts
 Third place  Steph Coughlan 103 pts
 Best Rookie  Michelle Mckay 108 pts
 Team Champions  Leo  441 ptsTR Third victory
2017  Winner  Andrew Chilcraft 110 pts Second victory
 Runner-up  Al Brown 101 pts
 Third place  Nigel White 98 pts
 Best Rookie  Emma Tuckey 41 pts
 Team Champions  Aries  330 pts
2018  Winner  Tom White 112 pts
 Runner-up  Veronica White 101 pts
 Third place  Edward Haslam 91 pts
 Best Rookie  Edward Haslam 91 pts
 Team Champions  Leo  373 pts Fourth victory
2019  Winner  Håkan Wolgé 135 ptsWR
 Runner-up  Andrew Chilcraft 131 pts
 Third place  Antony Brown 105 pts
 Best Rookie  Heather Haslam 55 pts
 Team Champions  Leo  329 pts Fifth victory
2020  Winner  Simon Rutter 146 ptsWR Second victory
 Runner-up  Antony Brown 121 pts
 Third place  Tom White 121 pts
 Best Rookie  Aisling McCarthy 95 pts
 Team Champions  Gemini  218 pts
2021  Winner  Douglas Cameron 126 pts
 Runner-up  Edward Haslam 117 pts
 Third place  Mark Coughlan 109 pts
 Best Rookie  Laz Kay 38 pts
 Team Champions  Taurus  251 pts Second victory