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Hello and welcome to the Advent Calendar Challenge 2009 - promising to be, quite possibly, the best Advent Calendar guessing game you'll ever play. Here's the same spiel I trot out every year about it all:

If you are new to the whole concept of the ACC, as we afficionados like to refer to it, let me explain. The Advent Calendar Challenge is a fun yearly competition, where players are invited to guess what pictures might possibly crop up behind the windows on my advent calendar each day. Points are awarded (from 1 point on December 1st all the way up to 24 on Christmas Eve) for correctly guessing the picture and the winner is simply the person who gets the most points over the course of the competition. Simple. Easy. Fun. If you're still a bit in the dark about things, have a look at the 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003 competitions to see what went on.

Right, if you played last year you should have a PIN in your inbox, and you can get started by submitting your guess in the form below! If you didn't play last year and want to play, apply for a PIN by emailing Once you have received your PIN, use the form below to submit your guess. You can change your guess as often as you like. The guess registered at the time of a window being opened is assessed for points on each day. Your guess need not be unique but must be kept clean (this is a family competition!). The eventual winner might win a top secret prize...

The compeition ended rather messily as I ended up in hospital with serious digestive tract problems that kept me there from the 23rd until New Year's Eve. After much thought I decided that I just wanted to tidy this up as quickly as possible today, rather than drag it out as I could have done. As most people changed their guess to a Day 24 guess despite door 23 remaining closed anyway, the procedure I followed to complete the competition was:

The final standings are therefore as below:

  1  Andrew DALE '03 Santa 54 pts PB  
  2  Ross TURNBULL '04 santa 51 pts PB  
  3  Mark COUGHLAN '04 Santa 47 pts    
  4  Kevin BROWN '08 Santa 46 pts    
  5  Christina BELL '06 santa 40 pts    
  =  Gagandeep Singh BHARIJ '08 Santa Claus 40 pts    
  7  Gemma MORGAN '07 nativity 26 pts    
  8  Andy NICHOLLS '08 Candle 26 pts PB  
  9  Jamie BROWN '08 Santa 25 pts PB  
  10  Antony BROWN '08 Santa 24 pts    
  =  Simon RUTTER '04 Santa 24 pts    
  =  Sam CAWLEY '09 Santa 24 pts PB  
  =  Katie MORGAN '09 Father Christmas 24 pts PB  
  14  Simon ATTWOOD '03 star 22 pts    
  15  M. Asim OMAR '03 Reindeer 20 pts    
  16  Elizabeth SCRIVIN '03 christmas tree 20 pts    
  17  Andy GREEN '05 sleigh 20 pts    
  18  Matthew SCRIVIN '03 Star 16 pts    
  19  Wendy SCRIVIN '03 robin 14 pts    
  =  Andi JAMES '08 robin 14 pts    
  =  Ed COUGHLAN '04 angel 14 pts    
  =  Anthony SMITH '09 Holly 14 pts PB  
  23  Steve O'DONNELL '08 Bike 11 pts    
  24  Grace FREELEY '04 sledge 10 pts    
  25  Steve BARTLETT '08 cracker 6 pts    
  26  Alex TURNBULL '09 stocking 4 pts PB  
  27  Tom WHITE '04 Star 3 pts    
  28  May BIERLICH '03 snowflake 0 pts    
  =  Sarah O'DONNELL '08 reindeer 0 pts    
  =  Alison BRIGHTON '08 star 0 pts    
  =  Alessandro TURATI '03 snow 0 pts    
  =  Mark RIGG '08 snowflakes 0 pts    
  =  David WILFORD '04 Star 0 pts    
  =  Andy MARSON '04 Reindeer 0 pts    
  =  Alex OSBORN '05 Star 0 pts    
  =  Ben PROCTER '04 candy cane 0 pts    
  =  Neil BLAKE '09 Star 0 pts PB  

This year's teams' championship was slightly different - I was interested in finding out which “new intake” is the best, so teams were formed based on the year of first entry to the competition. Final standings:

  1  CLASS OF 2008 192 pts  
  2  CLASS OF 2004 149 pts  
  3  CLASS OF 2003 146 pts  
  4  CLASS OF 2009 66 pts  
  5  CLASS OF 2006 40 pts  
  6  CLASS OF 2007 26 pts  
  7  CLASS OF 2005 20 pts  

Pictures uncovered:

  1 Mince Pies &
2 Teddy Bear 3 Snowman 4 Gifts 5 Drum 6 Cracker &
  7 Snowman 8 Spinning Top 9 Stocking 10 Holly 11 Baubles 12 Bells  
  13 Mistletoe 14 Holly &
15 Jack-in-
16 Xmas Tree 17 Toy Horse 18 Cake  
  19 Bauble 20 Sleigh 21 Plant 22 Xmas
23 Candle 24 Father

And to end off this mammoth page, a few subnotes. Have a look at the all-time stats page. Not many stats mind you, just a constantly updating all-time performance table. Clicking a player name in either the current standings or the stats table gives you a player profile page, showing their past performances in the ACC and a little picture just cos. And finally the rules in full. Subject to change of course...